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Treasure List from Dec. 6, 2012

Found on Skeleton Guardians
Ornate well made Bracers (only part of their armor that wasn’t rotted) worth 36 sp total

Found on Dead Adventurer Party
Helm (human made)
Scale Mail (human made)
Chain Mail (human made)
3 Potions (the Mage took these)
Magic Wand (the Mage took this)
452 silver pieces
75 copper pieces

Found in the Burial Chamber
Finely made suit of Scale Mail +1 (Crags took this)
Antique Dwarven Helm (seemingly well made) (Crags took this)
Finely made Mace +1 (Mack took this)
Small chest with 300 sp, 12 silver necklaces, a jeweled brooch, 3 silver rings
A table setting for 6 – plates, goblets, silverware, etc
Several rotten tapestries and other clothes.

Prior Session

Found on the 24 Dead Bandits

165 silver pieces
243 copper pieces
6 Silver Rings
Gold Chain with small jeweled pendant
Ivory comb
12 small gold nuggets (possibly teeth)
Fine embroidered leather sword belt
Pair of fine black leather boots

Dead Bandits Gear

19 Short Swords (5 sp each – 195 sp total)
2 Long Swords (10 sp each – 20 sp total)
4 suits of Leather Armor (3 sp each – 12 sp total)
14 Crossbows (17 sp each – 238 sp total)
27 Daggers (1 sp each – 27 sp total)

Total Value of Gear: 492 sp

Contraband (not claimed by Brengar)

The amount listed is what Brengar offers to give the characters however they will need to visit him in Cosolen in 3 weeks for him to pay them since he doesn’t have that much cash on him. He will however sign a letter of debt to them to prove his good intentions.

Hogshead full of Baker’s Thicke Mead (120 sp)
4 Hogsheads full of Grog (35 sp each – 120 sp total)
6 Hogsheads full of Heavy Beer (12 sp each – 72 sp total)
100 sq yards of Common Wool (1 sp each – 100 sp total)
Various foodstuff (50 sp total)

Total Value of Contraband: 462 sp

Treasure Lists

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