Dilanrohr Dagger

A fine steel dagger with small elven runes at the base of the blade.

weapon (melee)

These blades all grant from a +1 to +5 bonus depending on the quality and may be enchanted even higher.

Also, there is a 25% chance that an elf will recognize one of these blades and have an improved reaction to the bearer. Obviously gifting one of these blades to an elf would be considered a great honor and would garner the good will of the receiver.


Dilanrohr is a master weaponsmith who lives as a hermit in the far north of Cosdol. He only makes bladed weapons and daggers are his specialty. A Dilanrohr blade can be up to +5 quality and are often selected for additional enchantment. Newer blades are higher quality and rarer than the older blades but they are all extremely well made and highly sought after.

Dilanrohr Dagger

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