Marainia Tatheth

Elven Mage


RACE: Elven

STR: 12/54
INT: 15/65
WIS: 10/01
DEX: 16/28
CON: 8/78
LKS: 15/25
CHA: 12/57

HON: Average
FAM: Obscure

QUIRKS/FLAWS: None noted by companions yet.

LANG: High Elven/Low Elven
LANG: Brandopian
She is slowly learning new languages, such as Fhokki, Dwarven, and Merchant’s Tongue

POSSESSIONS: She wears thick robes with a longsword belted near her waist and a backpack. From her backpack, she has consistently produced a Spellbook and coinpurse, but it appears to carry more than these scant few items.


She has yet to reveal much about her past, but she does seem slightly clueless about interaction of dwarves and Elves or why she can understand some humans but not others. More of her past will be revealed as time progresses and she warms to the party and finds someone she can easily understand.

Marainia Tatheth

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