Lutigehe Maol Daire

A charming conman...I mean rogue.


Race: Human Class: Rogue

Str: 12/51
Int: 15/30
Wis: 12/54
Dex: 12/18
Con: 08/03
Lks: 18/39
Cha: 20/29
HP: 24
ToP: 8

Honor Category: Great Honor (23)
Fame Category: Obscure (7)
Quirks/Flaws: Doppleganger (unaware), Feeble
Languages: Brandobian, Kalmaran, Merchant’s Tongue (literate)

Possessions: Leather Armor, Shortsword, Longsword, Throwing Knives (3), coin pouches, travel pack, small shield

Combat Data
Shortsword + Small Shield
Attack: 4
Defense: +6
Speed: 7 (6 Jab)
Damage: 2d6p

Longsword + Small Shield
Attack: 3
Defense: +4
Speed: 8
Damage: 2d8p

Throwing Knives (3)
Attack: 3
Defense: +0 (d20-4)
Speed: 6
Damage: d6


Originally from the Kingdom of Eldor, Lutigehe left his home a few years ago and eventually found his way across the swamp to the neighboring kingdom of Cosdol.

Lutigehe Maol Daire

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