Human cleric, devout follower of the Caregiver


Str: 11/35
Int: 10/5
Wis: 15/19
Dex: 10/4
Con: 15/34
Lks: 11/32
Cha: 15/20
Max Hp: 39
Staff: Speed 11, Attack 2, Defense 3, DR 3, Dmg 2D4+3


Family: Mipher
Father: Richard
Mother: Lena
Older Brother: Tanic
Older Sister: Kiery
Younger Sister: Cathrine
Younger Brother: Radic

This is the history Lantric, second son and third child to Richard and Lena Mipher.

Life was hard for the Mipher family. A poor family with a drunk, abussive father they had little but fear, hunger, and each other. Lantric’s oldest brother, Tanic, no longer able to take the abuse fled the family home for what he hoped would be a better life in Cosdol. Leaving behind his siblinds to strike off on his own made things harder, if possible, for Lantric and his siblinds. Over the next year Richard become more agressive towards his family as the dept stacked up from his drinking and lack of work in Tigden. This is when Richard had found, what he thought was an escape to his trouble. A band of men had come into Tigden looking for people like Richard. They had bought him drinks and listened to his troubles making them instant friends of Richard. After a few nights they offered a solution to Richard’s problems comming in the form of an offer to purchase his oldest daughter Kiery. Kiery, believing this men to be untrustworthy had taken to following her father and listening in when she could. After hearing this Kiery paniced but it didn’t take long for her to decide to follow her older brother and escape this Hell before these men could take her away. Being only 15 she knew she would have a harder time then her brother but she had to chance it. Believing her father to be a ruthless bastard and most likely willing to sell her younger sister to these men with her gone. Kiery took Cathrine with her when she escaped towards Cosdol. The men enranged by the girls obviously having fled the Mipher home took their rage out on Richard and his wife Lena before leaving Tidgen. Thankfully not at home durring the attack Lantric and Radic returned to find their home in ruins with their father dead and mother grieviously wounded. Fearing for his mother but keeping and cool head Lantric rushed into town to seek out the healer, Father Chris. Having no money but trusting in Father Chris’s good will he beckoned him to come back to their home and help his mother. This is were Lantric became entralled by the Caregiver and found out he had a knack for the healing arts. Over the course of the next few month Lantric learned herbs, First aid, and Religion from Father Chris as he looked over their mother. Lantric, taking over after a few months continued to return to Father Chris to expand his knowledge of the Caregiver as well as work towards the cloth himself. 6 years had passed when Father Chris had taken ill and pased away. At this time, Lantric age 17, had taken over as provider for the family. Earning what he could as a healer and herbalist. While still training his mind and will in service of the Caregiver. With the passing of Father Chris, Lantric vowed to find his brother and two sisters and bring them home. With so much time passing he knew he needed more training and more information Over the next 3 years Lantric sought out as much information as he could about his brother and sister. Of his brother the only thing he was able to find out was the image of a scorpian. Not knowing what this symbols means he continues to search. But of his sisters he found that both of them seem to have made something of themselves. Cathrine attended a school of magic while in Cosdol and his sister Kiery became a fighter of no small skill. Now knowing his path leads to Cosdol thats where Lantric has set his eyes. leaving his brother now 15 to look after their mother Lantric sets off to find his family.


Fellowship of the Hack Lantric