Crags Stonehewn


Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter

STR: 12/73
INT: 12/08
WIS: 10/47
DEX: 14/69
CON: 15/81
LKS: 10/07
CHA: 08/11

Honor Category: Category
Fame Category: Category

Quirks/Flaws: No Visible Quirks or Flaws

Languages: Dwarven, Brandopian, Merchant

Possessions: Battle Axe, Padded Armor, Medium Shield, Backpack, 3 Days of Rations, Cheap and dirty clothes.


Appears much like other dwarves. Has long brown hair with few thick braids and a very impressive mustache and beard. Is a bit gruff when it comes to people but not much more then most other dwarves.

Crags Stonehewn

Fellowship of the Hack Rey