Fellowship of the Hack

The Cliffside Ruins

Much has happened since the last update. Our brave adventurers foiled a plot to sow chaos in the city of Cosolen by intentionally unleashing a deadly plague and also destroy one of the most beautiful and important temples in the city. Unfortunately the priest of the Rotlord who was behind the scheme was able to escape and it is probable that the characters have gained a bitter enemy.

After recovering from this ordeal they spent much time sitting in the tavern drinking, relaxing, and spending their reward money from that last adventure. As travelers from the West came to the tavern, they told tales of the dangers of the Coast Road. In addition to the bandits that seemed to ply their trade openly without fear of the law, humanoids and even Ogres were becoming a common sight. hearing enough of this the group decides to see for themselves and finds a band of Ogres encamped in the ruins of a small castle that overlooks Vordor Bay halfway between Durden and Nolnven.

They immediately slaughtered the Ogres and after searching the ruins of the castle found a hidden tomb. Although it took several trips to defeat the traps and guardians of the tomb, they finally found the burial chamber and the long forgotten treasures within.

Badly wounded but in high spirits they returned to Cosolen to sell their loot and recuperate once again.

Go to here for further character specific information and here for the treasure list from the last adventure.


woot! Loot!!

The Cliffside Ruins

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