The Fellowship of the Hack is a Hackmaster 5th Edition Campaign set in the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting. Although there are several story arcs the characters will complete, the intention is that it is somewhat ‘sandbox’ like in that the characters will be able to go off the rails at any time if they wish.

The campaign begins in the small town of Tigdin which is in the southernmost portion of the Kingdom of Cosdol. The characters do not know each other, each being in Tigdin for their own reasons, when news of an extremely large and unexpected raid by a small army of kobolds from the Avdoron Mires reaches them. Of course they feel the need to go and Hack! them, thus forming the Fellowship of the Hack!

The story arcs completed so far are:

1. Kobolds in the Swamp
2. Beer Run!
3. Plague of Cosolen
4. The Cliffside Ruins

Fellowship of the Hack

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